2016 Will it be THE year?

Happy New Year guys!

I’m pretty sure I’ll still be dating everything XX/XX/15 till February. Let’s be honest, I try to get my goals (**not resolutions!**) started but when they start to waver, I tell myself, well, I can start when it’s Chinese New Year. And that’s usually in February. So 3 weeks to get started on habits isn’t too bad right? They do say it takes 28 days too successfully create habits!


Mr. Technical

With that said, I apologize for not updating my blog. Well, there are a few reasons. At first I blamed Shaun, because while I enlisted the help of said FiancΓ© to proof my first blog post (he was an Editor at Road & Track Magazine for 10+ years), he also RIPPED IT APART. Now, clearly I don’t remember doing that to his writing when I read his work…but damn, did he fix all my grammars; my comma’s were in the wrong place; there were too many comma’s; <insert> semi-colon here. Blah, blah, BLEH. My voice now became Shaun’s voice at which point I’ve lost all readership. I kid, I kid. He’s an engineer so the technicality comes out in him. Plus, I live to eat, he eats to live and there is no place on the blog for him.

So that’s the first excuse, Shaun ripped my blog apart therefore I’m afraid what he’ll do to future posts. But that’s not true. Most of my time has been consumed with 3 if not 4 jobs (can blogging be considered a job? that would make it 5). First job is ER RN at a Level 1 Trauma center with 110 plus beds. Second job is ER RN at a small community hospital with 25 beds. Third job is at a well known bakery called Sister Pie in Detroit notoriously known for their Dance Breaks and unique flavored pies. Fourth job is cooking/baking for Instagram posts. And fifth job should be all the bread pop ups that I’ve been doing. In between I try to squeeze in 4 mile runs so I can try to still claim to be a runner. I really have to focus on Job 1 & 2 as they actually PAY THE BILLS. Job 3 is the outlet for the stresses of Job 1 & 2. Job 4 is fun and well hey, it’s my culinary outlet and really WHERE I WANT TO GET PAID but for now, I’ll settle for πŸ’™LIKES!


Mason Boy. Yeah, he’s not this runt size anymore!Β 

So here’s to 2016…

  • Work on making “Mighty Made” as a legitimate bread making business. (paperwork boggles my mind!)
  • Pick up more hours at Job 2 (they say I only ‘visit’ with all the Princess shifts I pick up there πŸ‘ΈπŸ»)
  • Go home to CAli at least once this year. My parents miss me. So do Future in-laws. But I miss the Mason BoyΒ more.
  • Run the Flying Pig Half Marathon because I obsessed with pigs and am convinced I need a Pig Metal.

So while I don’t have a recipe to post for you today, I can direct you to the Ultra amazing Michael Ruhlman whom I idolize but he does not know who I exist. But fortunately I’ve met Amelia through Lisa at Sister Pie and she happens to be his right-hand woman! Check out his page for my Savory Lamb Pie, because we all need savory with the sweet!


Tell me some of your 2016 goals!