Me vs. Agave Plant, Mexico City, Mexico

Try everything. At least once. And then again.

Mightyinthemitten was conceived after procrastinating 6 years on starting a food blog. In 2009 I followed food bloggers/ runners/ yogi’s, who became engaged, got married and eventually became mommy bloggers. I followed each one of these blogs and felt I ‘knew’ them and said “one day I’ll have a food blog.” I’ve grown out of some of those blogs just as they have transitioned in their lives. Some of you may drop in for a visit, some may stay awhile, and that’s quite alright!

So today, I’m trying everything. At least once. And then again. Because, you should live with no regrets (← Cliché tattoo I plan on getting). Like it, don’t like it. Its not perfect because I realize perfect is too complicated. Perfect takes too much energy. Instead, it’s ‘rustic’ but energetic because I’m trying something both old and new despite how many times I’ve made fried rice, french toast or nachos.

I write, I run, I obsess, I experiment, I save lives on my non-cooking days in the ER at a Level 1 Trauma Center. #Youarewhatyoueat rings true here. And I’ll never say no to ice cream or comforting noodles.

I’m a SoCal gal, transplanted to Detroit with a story in between that could fill a memoir. To know me, is to know my story, just like the story I want to tell with my food. I live in Detroit with my boyfriend who happens to have the perk of being a chef where we’re constantly bouncing ideas off of each other and obsessing over ingredients.

Feel free to email me any questions or to say hi at mightyinthemitten@gmail.com!


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